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Energy efficiency is at the heart of Duplantis Energy Services. To this effect, we have entered into a strategic partnership with one of the leading European Energy Optimization Company based in London (Magnatech Technology Limited UK) to deliver to our clientele base, a technology that can reduce gas/fuel consumption of between 6% and 10% depending on the variables in the utilities that power the manufacturing process, either gas engine or turbines. With the deployment of this technology, customers will use less combusting fuel while enjoying a comfortable and higher degree of utilization on temperatures in servicing the energy needs of their buildings, machinery, equipment, and all facilities that are powered by the gas/fuel plant, thereby reducing operational fuel costs, and boost financial savings that can be deployed to other aspects of their business growths, whilst promoting sustainable energy protocols.


These being a case of long-term energy efficiency investments for such businesses, with the aim of freeing up liquidity/capital to further develop and improve the organizations balance sheet.


The Energy Reduction Protocol has already been deployed in major industries in the UK and in several countries including USA, Canada, China and Australia amongst others. Duplantis Energy is working to deploy the innovative energy product in the African Markets.


More importantly, the product SAVES fuel costs, cuts harmful carbon emissions, and saves money year, after year for the purchaser of the product – and the customer ranges from Food Manufacturers, Supermarkets, Health Institutions, Pharmaceutical Companies, Oil Refineries, Government Buildings, Research Institutions, Restaurants, Hotels, and medium-sized and large manufacturing Companies amongst others.


The Energy Reduction System works on practically all Oil, Gas and LPG fired boilers and burners and is fitted with no downtime or interruption to service whilst providing maximum energy savings on their fuel bills. Duplantis Energy looks forward to working with interested companies to successfully install and maintain this technology in their facilities – as our specially trained engineers are ready to serve our customers on demand.

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  • Renewable Energy Services

    As Renewable Energy continue to gain ground in Africa and other developing countries, Duplantis Energy is taking the lead in conjunction with