Renewable Energy Services

As Renewable Energy continue to gain ground in Africa and other developing countries, Duplantis Energy is taking the lead in conjunction with its international Project Partners to develop renewable energy products – Solar Energy, Inverters, Biomass and Biofuel technologies that is tailor-made for the African market, and also reduces CO2 emissions, promote clean air, and boost clean energy technologies in our portfolio.


Additionally, as part of our CSR initiatives offering support services to the communities where our businesses are established whilst being mindful of the environmental impact of the Project, we execute in such locations is the core of CSR. We will also work with locals in these areas to empower them benefit from our expertise.


We are a forward-looking company that aims to support governments, communities and businesses in our collective quest for a cleaner and environmentally green society that thrives on the development of Sustainable Energy Technologies both now and for future generations.



At Duplantis Energy, we remain committed to providing Innovative Energy Solutions at the best possible prices – even as we aspire to be a World-Class Energy Solution Provider.

Other Services

  • Oil Business

    Energy efficiency is at the heart of Duplantis Energy Services. To this effect, we have entered into a strategic partnership with one