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Work Financial / Economic Tariffs Model

Duplantis Energy operates diverse tariff models aimed at encouraging easy payment gateways for our esteemed and loyal customers. Some of these economic tariff model and plans could be short or long-term depending on the Project, scope of work, and deliverables timelines in completing and operating the Power Plants. We also encourage investments in renewable energies and new technologies in the industry, and some financial models offer higher per-k Wh price, and others are charged at lower price – hence the need to work with our clients in finding tariff solutions (based on the deployed technology and project location) that best meet their immediate and future needs – this being a win-win model for us and our esteemed customers.


We continue to strive via our “Tech-novation Unit” – a dynamic team of brilliant, creative and innovative staff – in making investments in the sector and keeping abreast the evolving  technologies that minimize the way metering is read and charged, and we implement these changes in a responsible manner to encourage clients to explore cost reduction options across all strata of our product lines, whilst offering tariff incentives and rebates, as well as investment rewards for long-term contracts, and price certainty for the benefit of all stakeholders. Clients never know our value propositions in this regard until they do business with us, and thereafter the testimonials and referrals follow suit.


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